About Me
I created this website years ago so I had a place where people can find out more information about me. It’s like a business card with a fold-out section that contains details. Feel free to browse around and learn more.

My Family

My wife and I currently live in Maryland. Michelle and I met on the Internet in 2011. It didn't take us long to discover that we are a matched pair. My wife is studying Computer Science. She’s as nerdy as I am.

(Frank and Michelle)

We like to travel and in 2012 we visited Orlando twice. We visited the NASA space center (I’m a big space nut), Disney and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

(At Disney)

As I mentioned, I'm a big fan of space travel and I’ve wanted to visit NASA since I was about 7 (when I watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon). So my wife asked me if I wanted to go see the NASA space center and I said: "are you serious!? Yes!". So we went. Two days in a row (due to the fact that the extended tour was back-logged and we had to schedule for the next day). We had a lot of fun.


(At Rocket Garden)

My wife and I stuck our head into every astronaut prop at NASA:

My wife’s sister has 5 kids and we promised them we would build them a play house. This is a picture of me when I was working on the playhouse.

(Me working on a playhouse)

You can Click Here (and scroll down) to see pictures of the playhouse that I built.

My wife and I went back to Orlando in August of 2011 with her sister’s family. It was hot and humid, much like a normal August day in Michigan. We had tons of fun. We visted Magic kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios. We also spent a day at Seaworld.


Yup, we got soaked. It was fun. I managed to get some fantastic photos from this adventure.

(Getting soaked at Seaworld)

(Killer whales at Seaworld)

We took our honeymoon in Hawaii. One week on Maui and one week on Kaui.

(Helicopter ride in Kaui)

(Top of a volcano in Maui)